Paddle Sports

The Lower Lliedi Reservoir, Swiss Valley is accessible to registered providers, clubs, organised groups and private individuals.

The Lower Lliedi Reservoir at Swiss Valley provides an environment where nature and wildlife thrive and a body of water perfect for watersports of all kinds.

The water is clean, deep and there are no tides to restrict your fun. Enjoy the view on a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), canoe or kayak.

There are a number of local activity providers that regularly run organised private or group sessions at the Lower Lliedi Reservoir. We strongly recommend that everyone undertakes an instructor led session to help you get on the water safely.

If you have your own kit, liability insurance and are confident on the water you can simply book a self-launch session.

You must book your space and pay the relevant fee. You can book this online or alternatively, call our team on 01554 774103 to make sure we have the capacity for you.

What should I bring with me?
Buoyancy aids are mandatory for all watersport activities. It is also recommended to wear a wetsuit and suitable footwear.

Please ensure you are suitably equipped and proficient in the activity you are undertaking. All users must comply with the biosecurity measures and adhere to the exclusion zones as identified by the red buoys and shown on the map.

Safety considerations

  • There are no Life Guards at this facility.
  • Those using the water must be suitably equipped, able to assess risk and competent in the activity they are taking part in.
  • Red marker buoys indicate an angling zone and exclusion safety zone for paddlers.
  • Accessing from the North car park (Car Park 2 between the upper and lower reservoirs). Recreational paddlers are permitted to launch from beach areas within the angling zone but must immediately paddle out of the angling zone. Please act courteously to other users and liaise with any anglers on the beach before launching.
  • Angling from a kayak or canoe is permitted within the angling zone with the relevant rod licence and permit.

Stop the Spread

We ask that anyone accessing the water follow the onsite guidance for safety and biosecurity in order to stop the spread of any non-native invasive species (i.e. Check Clean Dry). You must ensure that your paddlecraft and equipment have been cleaned thoroughly before getting on the water and again when you leave the water. If you are unable to use the provided washdown facility, everything must be washed as soon as possible before getting onto any other water.



There are no changing facilities on site. Toilets are available at the service block adjacent to the dam.


There are two car parking areas. Parking is free.

Please note that Car Park 1 is open daily 8.30am – 8.30pm. The gates are locked at 8.30pm.

Permits and day tickets must be purchased in advance on the Clubmate portal.

  • Annual Permit fee is £70
  • Under 16 concession: half price
  • U13: free
  • Day tickets are available at £10 (dawn – dusk)

Night fishing is not permitted on Day Tickets

Maximum stay on any one peg is 72 hours

All anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

All anglers must possess an appropriate Environment Agency rod license

Kayak anglers must also possess a water access permit

No fish are to be removed from the reservoir

Swiss Valley Angling Association Members£55
Junior (U18)£35

Permits and day tickets must be purchased in advance on the Clubmate portal.

Day tickets are available at £10 (dawn – dusk)

  • Night fishing is not permitted on Day Tickets
  • Maximum stay on any one peg is 72 hours
  • All anglers must possess an appropriate Environment Agency rod license
  • Kayak anglers must also possess a water access permitNo fish are to be removed from the reservoir
Adult£10 per session
Junior (U16)£5 per session

Lower Lleidi Reservoir (Swiss Valley) Angling Rules and Code of Conduct

Please read and observe these rules. The council reserves the right to suspend or terminate permits to fish with immediate effect at its discretion.

Unauthorised removal of fish will be considered as theft and reported to the police for further action.

Please follow the Code of Conduct, especially with regard to fish welfare: handling and the retaining of fish.

Llanelli Rural Council (LRC) reserves the right to amend its rules from time to time. Changes will be notified via the Clubmate booking portal.


Fishing Permit

All anglers must obtain a permit to fish from Llanelli Rural Council.

Annual and day permits are available.

It is advisable to purchase day permits in advance as availability may be restricted due to numbers.

Day tickets are valid from dawn until dusk for the day they were purchased.

Day ticket anglers are not permitted to fish overnight or in the hours of darkness.

Llanelli Rural Council angling permits can only be obtained online at:



Annual permit £70

Day ticket ‘dawn till dusk’ £10

Under 16 concession:  half price

U13 free

All anglers (including annual permit holders) must register their attendance at the reservoir to fish.

Permit and attendance registration must be provided when requested by an authorised officer of Llanelli Rural Council.

Permits are not transferable.

All anglers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Kayak Anglers must also purchase a water access permit.

Three rods maximum per angler and in accordance with their NRW rod licence.

Stalking whilst occupying a permanent swim is permitted with one rod only and only when space permits. This must not interfere with other anglers or any other legitimate activities at the Reservoir.

Fishing is not permitted over weed beds or within any marked exclusion zones.

The council reserves the right to amend or introduce exclusion zones at its discretion.

Exclusion zones will be notified on the Clubmate portal and/or identified by markers, buoys or notices.


Environment Agency rod licence

All anglers must obtain a rod licence or register as required. A valid rod licence is required for anyone aged 13 or over to fish for trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel in Wales.

Junior rod licences (age 13-16) are FREE but registration with NRW is still required.

Natural Resource Wales (NRW) Angling Byelaws (fishing rules) apply at all times.

Natural Resources Wales / Angling Byelaws (fishing rules)

All anglers must always carry their rod licence when fishing or face possible prosecution and a fine up to £2,500.

Rod licences can be purchased online At a local Post Office, or over the phone by calling all the Environment Agency on 0344 800 5386.

Fish Welfare

All anglers must only use Micro Barb or Barbless hooks.

All anglers must carry and use a good quality unhooking mat. Anglers must also be in possession of a weigh sling and antiseptic treatment. Sacking of fish is permitted for a maximum of half an hour.

Every angler must be in possession of a fish care kit.


Swims, Pegs cannot be reserved in advance.

Swims or pegs may not be altered without the consent of the Ranger or LRC Officer.

Climbing of trees is not permitted. Cutting of trees is not permitted.

No open fires permitted.

Take all litter home. Anglers are responsible for any litter or waste found in their chosen swim.

All waste must be removed from site and disposed of appropriately and legally.

Unruly or abusive behaviour (verbal or physical) towards Llanelli Rural Council personnel, property, other facility users or members of the public in any form will not be tolerated and may result in exclusion and retraction of fishing permit without refund.

All anglers and visitors must conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsman-like manner and observe good angling etiquette at all times.

An angler may be absent from their swim for a maximum of two hours.

Baited rods must not be left unattended. Wound-in rods must not be left unattended without the hook being removed.

Random checks will be made with regard to licence, permits, rigs and bait.